08 November, 2011

November 8th- a bit of history about today.

Today, in 1519, Hernan Cortez arrived in Aztec capital of Tenochtitlan and imprisoned Montezuma.

Back in 1576, the Eighty Years' War: Pacification of Ghent – The States-General of the Netherlands meet and unite to oppose Spanish occupation.

In that fateful year of 1861,  during the war of Northern Aggression, The "Mason and Slidell (also known as the Trent) Affair" occurred when the USS San Jacinto stopped the United Kingdom mail ship Trent and arrests two Confederate envoys, sparking a diplomatic crisis between the UK and US.

Ninety-four years ago, in 1917, The People's Commissars give authority to Vladimir Lenin, Leon Trotsky, and Joseph Stalin.

Hitler, in 1923, led the failed Beer Hall Putsch in Munich, was jailed where he wrote Mein Kampf.

In 1933, that commie-rat bastard Roosevelt unveiled the Civil Works Administration, an organization designed to destroy wealth and was the start of the a major push by the Socialists and Communists to destroy the Republic- just as they are doing in 2010.

During WWII, in 1942, Operation Torch, where the United States & United Kingdom forces invaded French North Africa- which was a major success.

Now, in the first United Nations "Police Action", which occurred 1950, which is now called the Korean War, United States Air Force Lt. Russell J. Brown shot down two North Korean MiG-15s in the first jet aircraft-to-jet aircraft dogfight in history.

Then in 1960, John F. Kennedy won the presidential election against Richard Nixon.

In 1965, Sergeant First Class Lawrence Joel's heroic actions (then Specialist 5), during Operation Hump in Viet Nam (his second war in the Orient) when the 173rd Airborne is ambushed by over 1,200 Viet Cong, and this led directly to his earning the the Congressional Medal of Honor.

Al Gore in the year 2000 was much less gracious than Richard Nixon, who, for the good of the Republic, did not fight the cheating bastards provable fraud in Chicago, Texas and West Virginia.

In addition, speaking of today in 2000, that miserable bastard John C. Danforth continued the whitewash and released the official last cover-up and absolution of what an atrocity the U.S. Government perpetrated at Waco in 1993.

There is much history on this day, in fact all across the Republic, "elections" are being held. Across the Atlantic, Europe is imploding. In the Pacific, China and the others are smoldering (whether they realize it or not).

However, we are now at $15TRILLION- "officially" even though the Dalls Fed Chairman, Richard W. Fisher stated in a speech, on May 28th, 2008 that we are $99.2TRILLION (since the Bernanke and the Fed want to see every word spoken about them, who is saying what and who is reading it- the link to Fishers speech is a Wayback Machine link of the Dallas Feds page). That, however, was nearly four years ago and current estimates put us at $200+TRILLION.

You bastards- you lying, cheating, rotten, thieving murderous bastards, you who have worked over 100+ years to see this come about, may you rot in hell!

As a friend often says: "I for one look forward to the coming pandemonium- debts WILL be paid."


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