10 November, 2010

Speaking of Mexico: Zetas threaten to kill residents of town of 6000

Two public sources:
1. Hundreds flee drug trafficking violence in Ciudad Mier

by Action 4 News Staff
At least 300 people from Ciudad Mier are taking refuge at a shelter in neighboring Miguel Aleman following rounds of violence between drug trafficking rivals.

Action 4 News has learned that the violence started following the death of Gulf Cartel leader Antonio Ezquiel Cardenas-Guillen on Friday.

Cardenas-Guillen, who went by the nickname “Tony Tormenta,” was killed in a battle with Mexican marines in Matamoros.

Residents of Ciudad Mier report that the gun battles have been non-stop.

It’s believed the fighting is taking place between Gulf Cartel and their former allies Los Zetas.
2. Ciudad Mier evacuates after Zetas threaten to kill residents

November 09, 2010 9:21 PM

CIUDAD MIER, Tamps. — Hundreds of families have fled this Pueblo Magico amid reported death threats from drug cartel thugs.

About 300 people are seeking shelter in nearby Miguel Alemán, the nearest city to this town across the border from western Starr County.

Sources said after Cárdenas’ slaying Friday, members of Los Zetas, the drug cartel controlling Mier, were yelling in the streets that they were going to kill everybody who remained in the town, sparking the exodus from town.

“Initially it was 30 people, but then went up to 60, 100 and now we have 300 that came here,” Miguel Alemán Mayor Servando Lopez Moreno said in Spanish.
How soon will the "refugees" from Ciudad Mier hit the bridges North?


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