12 November, 2006

Hollis "Wayne" Fincher Grabbed by F-Troop

First thing this afternoon, while catching up with some news and blogs, I headed over to David Codrea's The War on Guns and found this post. After downloading the linked PDF, I started to read it and just thought everyone needed reminding of this (on page 5):
"A machine gun in the hands of a law abiding citizen used for the lawful defense of person, family, or community, is one thing, that same gun in the hands of someone committing a criminal act, or with the OBVIOUS intent to commit a criminal act, is an entirely different matter. It is simply NOT PERMISSABLE, under our State and Federal Constitutions, to deprive a law abiding citizen of a constitutional right under the false -assumption that doing so will have ANY effect in stopping a criminal intent on committing a crime. In fact, historically, it is GOVERNMENTS that have shown, time and time again, that THEY are the ones who are most dangerous with Arms In their hands. Wars, oppressions, dictatorships, warlords, and rule by criminal gangs are more often than not the legacy and result of government disarming the populace and retaining all "control" of Arms for themselves. "Control" is what governments do worst, especially when it comes to Arms, and that is precisely WHY we have a Second Amendment in the U.S. Constitution as well as similar "Declaration of Rights" articles in the various State Constitutions."
I am sure much of their funds will be used for Mr. Fincher's defense, and I do not wish to add to their bill, so I have placed the PDF here (WARNING 1.9MB) and you should download it, read it, and print it so that you have a handy copy available. I will be posting updates as I am able and also want to point out that this did not take very long after the elections to start ramping up, now did it?


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