06 September, 2011

Some people wonder what occurs- and most do not.

I received the following in from a friend down along the border. Both the videos and blog are worth spending some time viewing even if you are aware of what is going on.

You can hit Mrs. Burns YouTube channel here and her blog here.

So long as the War on Some Drugs continues, this will only get worse. Moreover, the continued suppression of our Rights will get worse. Ten to fifteen years ago, it was not this bad, even though you did have "psuedo-cop" invasions occurring on a fairly frequent basis down along the river in the early 1990's but tended to be small time locals doing so. Now, most times, such pretense is off and kidnappings occur.

The biggest problem is that most people are happy with selective rights as they think they know what their rights are, but never spent more than was required in HS to read and learn.

Spend some time, learn, realize that this is already farther North than you realize and that your Rights are much more suppressed than you realized.


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