14 September, 2011

AttackWatch And Contempt

First there is AttackWatch, which is just incredibly contemptuous- proving exactly what a Commie Rat Bastard the Muslim Kenyan really is. However, Americans are laughing and one tweet in particular caught my eye:
AttackWatch tweet: Obama I'm confused. If I see someone suspicious should I use #AttackWatch or this illegal class III AK-47 an ATF agent gave me?"
You will not find this now, as it appears all of the good ones have been scrubbed are back, but let us continue with the theme of contempt and a Hat-Tip to TexasFred for this. Up until now, I had not heard a thing about "All this for a Flag", and would doubt I would had it not been for his post. Thank you sir.

I have severe questions about how things occurred on September 11, 2001 but the level of contempt is palpable through the video.

I watched nothing on Sunday- not a thing. Instead, I went to the range and practiced all day- rifle, pistol and shotgun.

This is how I missed their display and am glad I did; both the practice and seeing their contemptuous faces.

However, let us recall contempt flows when earned and the Muslim Kenyan and his UGLY wife have fully earned it.


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