03 October, 2010

NRA posts grades and endorsements: Angle beats Reid

I could not get into Blogger yesterday and am a bit late to the dance, but want to point you to an excellent article by David Codrea at the National Gun Rights Examiner in which David points out:
"Curiously, Reid got a "B" the last time they rated him. What this means is, despite their pledge that a vote for Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan would both result in scoring consequences for candidates, they evidently will not reflect that in a ratings downgrade. While the case could be made that Reid's recent actions would have improved his grade, a legitimate case can be made that they have not."

Hit the link to read the complete article and pass it along. Come Monday, call the NRA and ask why Sharron Angle has NOT received the endorsement she is due.


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