20 October, 2009

"And simply the most egregious example of cowardice."

TSA Takes Baby Away From Mother

I stated the title in this post, and I certainly think I was obvious that I considered that woman a coward for not standing up right then and there. Now, we have the TSA QUICKLY finding the video which seemingly shows her to also be a liar which I found at Bruce Schneier's Blog post on this it.

However, none of this negates the fact that so many of our friends and families will just roll over and take it. We are constantly told that we have to do such to defend the HOMELAND which is a filthy, filthy phrase that is used at every turn and told that we must do so to protect our liberties which and my response is just as quite simple as what Fletcher stated to the Senator.

"Don't piss down MY back and tell ME it is raining!"


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