24 September, 2008

74% speak Spanish at home

"Spanish was my first language and it's the language that my parents speak, so I just use it when I'm there. I don't even think about it," said Mariana Solis, a registered nurse who grew up in the Lower Valley. "And although I speak English, I sometimes feel more comfortable speaking Spanish. It's like going back home."
Dennis Bixler-Márquez, a University of Texas at El Paso professor of multicultural education and the director of the Chicana/o Studies Program there, said he was not surprised to hear the numbers released by the census.

"Border communities like El Paso, by virtue of their proximity to the home land, will continue to have tremendous linguistic renewal," he said. "People here, even those who have been in the country various generations, will retain their language much more than the Hispanic populations formed in the interior of the United States."
I do not care what one speaks in his home or even his business- his choice. However, the first minute he demands ANY PUBLIC or GOVERNMENT DOCUMENT be also printed in ANY other language he should be shunned and his business ruined.

Oh, and as for you traitorous-asshat Bixler-Márquez, if your HOMELAND is South of the Rio Grande- then get out of my country.


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