18 July, 2007

Mary Jo Kopechne

She would have been sixty-seven in one week; instead, a small, cowardly punk let her drown in his Mommy's car when she was twenty-nine and then left her body there to be found by two fishermen. In fact, he did not even report one thing to the police until after her body was discovered and the police came to him. Just remember this as the fat, bloated, drunkard bastard writes or pushes another bill to become law- just like he is now, and know that the so many filthy people in Massachusetts have been willing to re-elect him, repeatedly since his crime. Further, at one point many across these united States wanted him to be president and many of them are now in one or the other house of the national legislature.

Makes you want to look up those running for the nomination of the Democrat Party today supported in 1980...


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