25 July, 2007

Disney stubs out smoking from its films

By Matthew Garrahan in Los Angeles

Published: July 25 2007 18:17 | Last updated: July 25 2007 18:17

Walt Disney on Wednesday became the first Hollywood studio to phase out cigarette smoking in its films, saying smoking scenes in future Disney-branded movies would be "non-existent".

The Disney move is the latest blow Hollywood has dealt the tobacco industry and comes weeks after the Motion Picture Association of America, responsible for the film ratings system, said it would consider smoking alongside other factors, such as violence or sexual content, when rating a film.

In a letter to Edward Markey, chairman of the House sub-committee on telecommunications and the internet, Bob Iger, Disney's chief executive, said the company would also "discourage" depictions of smoking in films made by its other studio labels, which make films for older audiences, such as Miramax and Touchstone.

Disney plans to add public service announcements to DVDs of any future films containing smoking scenes and said it would work with owners of cinema chains to show anti-smoking announcements before the start of films.
Nevertheless, it seems, for at least the past ten years, every Disney production CERTAINLY had a POLE-SMOKER in it and I am sure the future productions will too.


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