26 October, 2006

What you find in the log files.

Thanks to a websearch done from Freehold Regional Schools, of Englishtown, New Jersey, I find out that:

Capt. John Parker of the Lexington Militia did not say: "If they want a war, let it begin here." Alerted by Paul Revere, Parker and 78 militiamen mustered on the Lexington, Mass., town green on April 19, 1775. They wanted to send a warning to the 700 British soldiers marching on Concord to seize the weapons and gunpowder there. But Parker had no desire to start a war. The words were put into his mouth 100 years later. He positioned his men as far away from the British line of march as possible. As the British approached, Parker ordered his men to disperse. The British opened fire on them without provocation, starting the Revolution.

Now Freehold Regional Schools, let me point you to the Constitution, and a fine source on the 2nd Amendment...

Captain John Parker may not have said it, but I will be proud to.


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