16 October, 2006

The Goal of the Earth Firsters

The following pictures were sent to me yesterday, and the marvel of the senders was the Bungee Cord usage, however, that was not my first thought when viewing the images. Here is one:

What does come to mind, particularly after the screams of the Global Warming crowd has intensified over the past year, is that this is exactly the level , and more than likely even a lower level, that the "I hate Mankind folks" really are after- except for themselves of course.

So, with that, I give the future of the united States, if the nuts get there way:

Heading home after grabbing a few last minute party favors for your child's birthday party.

Of course, the night before, Dad took Mom out for groceries.

Naturally, Uncle is bringing ice for the drinks.

And what would the party be without the main course?

Now, when you sit your children down and start discussing how terrible Mankind is, please, please, please make sure you tell them to always look in the mirror to assess just exactly what and who you are.

It should never amaze them at just how stupid one can be...


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