13 June, 2005


Last week, I read this letter, which I found via Claire Wolfe's Blog.

The letter is addressed to Bill Lockyer, and CC'd to Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, Joe Dunn, Don Perata, and the NRA and states in the last two paragraphs:
"There are many reasons to dislike SB 357. In the unlikely event that ammunition makers could meet the requirements of the bill, the cost of ammunition would skyrocket. More importantly, we were appalled by the caviler manner in which you, California?s Chief Law Officer, and Senator Dunn described your willingness to confiscate legally owned private property and make criminals of its owners. As you have defined "handgun ammunition", millions of owners would be put at risk and the amount of lawfully owned ammunition subject to confiscation could easily surpass one billion rounds.

It is with deep regret that the officers of FSC have been moved to take this action. We sincerely appreciate the role that law enforcement provides to our society in keeping all of us safe. However, we will oppose, to any extent necessary, your attempts to deny us the ability to enjoy our sport. Any of your employees who are members of the FSC are welcome to use the SVSC provided that such use does not occur while they are on duty for the Department of Justice."
One must read the entire letter to appreciate exactly what this club has done, and just like Ronnie Barrett, they are standing their ground- unlike Slut & Wussy, who it seems, still cannot, even though this company is now back in the hands of Americans, stand their ground just as as they did with the Clinton HUD Sellout.

Last April, the Commiefornia DOJ issued letters to four thousand, three hundred and twenty people (4,320), which states that the Slut & Wussy/Walther P22 .22 rimfire pistol is now an Assault Weapon because of it's threaded barrel. Never mind that in 2002, the Commiefornia DOJ placed the P22 .22 rimfire pistol on the approved for sale list. In fact, if you browse the Web Archive further, you will see that up until October 22nd, 2004, and download ALLMAKES.PDF it is dated 24-Mar-2003 with a size of 1.5MB.

If I were Michael F. Golden, President and CEO of Slut & Wussy Holding, I would tell Bill Lockyer to kiss my ass, I am pulling ALL firearms from Commiefornia that my company sells, will not honor any warranty to any Commiefornia government agency, firearms that it's personnel use and I would see his traitorous ass, the Commiefornia DOJ and each employee involved with this action, and the state of Commiefornia in court for the largest RICO civil suit ever. Further, the company attorney's would be demanding all criminal charges possible be brought against the same.

Of course, I doubt if he has the balls to do it, because we sure have not heard jack-shit about this up until today. (Oh, and of course, you can still rely on the NRA not to do a thing about this either.)

Fucking pussies- the entire lot of them!


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