04 July, 2013

I first posted this on Independence Day, 2004

I found this a couple of months ago:

And it made me think of just how far most people in this country have let slip their desire for freedom and liberty- so much so, that I remembered this:

Then, two days ago, my compadre No-Neck sent this to me:

I knew this would be true and I thought long and hard about these men:

The men, whose history is unknown by so many- and cared for by even less, gave us our start on this path and that so many of the men of their day were willing to do this:

Understand, they were traitors to their government, they conspired to commit acts that would bring certain death down upon them and their families, and I must ask, how many are willing, today, to risk the same?

Vin Suprynowicz has a column that has been around the net since he first wrote it in 1997, and it is well worth reading and then contemplating, particularly in light of recent laws, regulations and SCOTUS announcements.

Happy Independence Day!

Since then, as everyone knows, it has only become worse. Day in and out, it has not stopped, the thieving, raping, and killing of These united States peoples- by what is best explained in the following quote from the movie THE PATRIOT by Mel Gibson's character:
"Why should I trade one tyrant 3000 miles away for 3000 tyrants one mile away? An elected legislature can trample a man's rights as easily as a king can."
Which EVERY legislature, FEDERAL, State and Local has done and for so many this state of affairs IS intolerable! Quite frankly, simply reading the Declaration of Independence is an exercise in pure anger today.

This document, something fully never said to the World before is utterly amazing and to this day frightens people. About ten years ago, I had a telephone conversation with a friend from High School. He started in about how overwhelming the federal government "was" becoming and I let him talk for a goodly bit and then told him I wanted to read him something that listed quite a number of crimes the government was committing and he agreed. I went through around a fifteen items and said there were a dozen more Facts. When I finished, his voice lowered and he said, "If you publish this, they will kill you." I then told him that this was not my work and that the government had indeed killed some of the men who had signed and published it. He was not surprised and asked when it was and I told him, July 4th, 1776. There was a very long pause as what I had just told him sunk in.

Yes, I had paraphrased in modern English the Facts set forth in the Declaration of Independence and used examples that were recent in our history with each one- which is not hard to do.

And this is the problem, it is not hard to do.

I no longer think that the first three of the four boxes will solve anything in the state our fallen Republic and see the opening of the last box as the outcome- not on the horizon, but beached and is not something that is truly wanted- but something that is utterly obvious.

Enjoy this Independence Day with your family and friends, as always, we never know when our last will be so live today with every ounce of liberty our Founding Fathers wanted and bequeathed to us, because it is up to us to keep- even though most are happy to piss theirs away.

I think I am going to put some lead downrange.


PS - For all of you that dismissed me as nothing but a delusional paranoid, how have you enjoyed the very public revelations over the past six weeks? What's that you say? Your bubbles burst!?!


Welcome to my World!

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