04 July, 2012


In the past seven days, we have witnessed CRIMINAL and CIVIL CONTEMPT CHARGES on the Attorney General of these United States, Eric Holder, Jr. by the Congress of these United States- but yet he remains free, playing at Disney World, instead of behind bars while BP Agent Brian Terry, ICE Agent Jaime Zapata, an estimated (quite low IMO) 300 Mexican Citizens, along with an fully unknown body count of American Citizens which have been killed or murdered by those Mexicans wielding weapons ILLEGALLY sold to them at the behest of the FERAL GOVERNMENT of these United States- and specifically the Attorney General of these United States, Eric Holder, Jr.(and IMO Hilary Clinton and the Muslim Kenyan).

In the past seven days, we have witnessed the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of these United States re-write a law, brought before the High Court, one WHOLLY un-CONSTITUTIONAL, that DICTATES that the feral government can force the citizenry to purchase a product, to "seemingly" make it Constitutional under a completely different avenue than the four requested arguments that the plaintiffs were instructed to argue. The traitor, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, John Roberts, who was nearly completely unknown as an epileptic to we mere citizens before this, said it is actually a TAX, when "those" who penned it, stated it was not as well as the feral lawyers who argued it before the Supreme Court of these United States said it was NOT. So now, the feral government of these United States NOW has the power to TAX you for something you REFUSE to purchase. Of course, after declaring such a monstrosity, where did the traitor, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, John Roberts go? No, NOT Disney World, but to the "impregnable island fortress" of Malta.

As children, we Americans were instructed that NO ONE is above the law. That the three branches of our Republic- the Legislative, the Executive and the Judicial all are there to protect our Constitution and our liberties, swearing OATHS to do such. Moreover, daily we are told how sacred it we mere citizens OBEY the law of the land and if we have grievances, that our Constitution provides us the avenues to address the inequities and follies of the mistakes of our fellow citizens and elected officials.

No, we do not. At every turn, whether a good and prudent law is passed, it is overturned- no matter what "we the people" desire, need or require. The most recent example is Arizona's Immigration Law which had the Supreme Court of these United States overturn all of it except the requirement for papers. So the Executive branch then, with malice aforethought stripped ONLY Arizona of it's ability to be a part of the program that uses such and created a toll-free number and an E-mail address specifically aimed at Arizona. Moreover, this was AFTER granting back-door amnesty!

Our government has been and is now BOUGHT by large corporations- left and right. I could provide link, after link, after link, after link, after link but I do not have to- you see it daily and know the truth. From oil, pharmacology, prisons, and military. You are nothing and MUST accept the fascist state of CORPORATISM!

I say NO!

There are four boxes to our Republic and each is a true and proper avenue to obtain and re-gain our suppressed liberties, but each one can fail and the first three have been useless since 1913 and the last was tried from 1861-1865 and think days such as those coming upon us once more.

For those that do not know what the four boxes are, I present them in order and yes, most reading this have used the first three- over and over so often that all colors have drained from the use.

The last box is one that all should dread opening, but there are those who just have pushed and keep pushing because they firmly believe it is their due to dictate how others live and that Man should be in chains.

Americans are fed up- we are tired of the lies, the cheating, the murders and killings of us. It is only going to get worse. It has to stop and you have to chose to say no more.

A man I respect is wont to say: "I for one look forward to the coming pandemonium- debts will be paid."

I understand fully his meaning, do you?


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