26 June, 2012

Kerodin points the question asked by - "TL: Are you ready for Thursday?"

"TL: Are you ready for Thursday?"

TL asks bluntly: Where do we jump off? I suppose as long as life is tolerable we will continue along, waiting for that moment, which I hold has come and gone, easily managed by the politicians of the day.

Curtis observes: Deja vu...

One of the discussions front and center again over at CA's place is the Moral High Ground. This goes to Curtis' point - that topic has come around at least 4 times in my 2 years online. Many of the same people weigh in, many of the same arguments, one or two people change or nuance their position, and we are all 2 years older while OpFor is 2 more years along with their plan.

Bill posted today about the fact that the war is well underway. For those critics of mine that will state the contrary in regards to already being at war… strap on your heater and walk down town and wait for it. You can't defeat that logic so don't even try, at least not with me.
Most think of the SCOTUS ruling and I say that does not mean a damn thing. The Holder CONTEMPT vote weighs much more heavily on my mind. The Muslim Kenyan's actions yesterday with regards to Arizona speaks volumes!

There is no longer any pretense that we live in a Republic- despite the Republicrats push of Mitt Romney and the November "elections"- this is nothing but theater.

TL also stated this:
I am growing tired of empty gestures and hollow words. This is one reason I have not been posting as often of late. I have my own battles with the powers that be that are non-stop. I do what I can to strike back at the beast in ways that inconvenience them, that take up their time, that runs them about and it all still seems useless. Every day I near the point where writing stops and I concentrate on my own agenda.
It has been the same for me and I am sure many others. Blogs have gone quiet and blogs have gone down.

They know it is coming.

So do I.

So do you.


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