13 February, 2011

Pharr man claims Mexican gunmen pushed him to smuggle machine gun Part II

I first posted about this here. Since then, I have been trying to dig up information regarding the FUD produced by it. I spoke to several friends and business associates along that area of the border and two were finally able to confirm what was originally presumed- it was SEMI-AUTO.

Both men gave similar accounts that stated:
  • The 21-year old man attempted to cross the border with this around 10:30PM.
  • He was seemingly accompanied by at least one vehicle (one man said 1 the other said 2).
  • That CPB and the Pharr PD (was told they have men stationed at bridge too) became suspicious when they attempted to turn around. 
  • The accompanying vehicle(s) split and the H3 was stopped wherein the M1919A4 was discovered. 
  • Some CPB and Pharr PD police thought it was full auto but others QUICKLY pointed out that it was not. 
  • Moreover, those bright CPB and Pharr PD Policemen also pointed out that he DID NOT have any belts or a belt linker.
So much for those "Authorized Journalists" at The Monitor and Jared Taylor's reporting skills, but then again, after reviewing comments from several of it's and his "news stories" that I am sure were scrupulously regurgitated reported (then re-written), one cannot expect too much...


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