20 January, 2010

Texas Gun Show, Boedecker & F-Troop

Will post more later, but it seems other F-Troop offices really knew nothing about what was going down in Austin. I hear, that the agent in charge is, well- not liked at all, despised is the word I heard. Now, I do not know him personally, and I am simply repeating what was whispered in my ear. A bit more was whispered, such as how other BATF agents and offices are EMBARRASSED fully by what has went down by what seems to be a headhunting agent who likes to have the spotlight.

Start asking around paranoid readers, there is more to this and will post more as I am able.



Howard Nemerov, who I really like and enjoy reading, has a column pointing out many things that should be considered and you can read it here.

Nevertheless, as I said earlier, words like despised, flat out hated, and psycho is what I heard by the little bird. In fact, I made it a point to ask SPECIFICALLY if I heard correctly and was informed YES! Also heard that he is a headhunter, always looking for GLORY and the limelight- has to BE on top. Moreover, the little bird said that those anonymous F-Troop folks who are embarrassed FIRMLY think Darwin Boedecker has a SOLID libel suit. The little bird's whispers sound on par for so many past experiences with F-Troop agents that EVERYONE of us has read that I take Howard's calming read at what it is, calming- but believe the little bird. Yes, I hammer F-Troop, and always will, but I have fully understand there ARE those really wish to do right and I thank those that decided to speak their mind- even if anonymously.

IMO, this was coercion, and isn't this exactly what arm-twisting really is?


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