15 November, 2009

Judge Napolitano asks key question: 'Where does Constitution authorize?'

Regular Correspondent W-III wrote to his list about a post by my friends at Western Rifle Shooters Association:

If you never read another of my e-mails, if you decide to block everything I send to you in the future as SPAM, if you’re so sick of the stuff I send you want to curse my name, Please, humor me one last time; click on the link below and hear what Judge Andrew Napolitano has to say.


This man is a Patriot.

A thank you to David Codrea, WRSA and Thunder Tales for linking to it as I do not think I would have seen it for a few days yet.

As I have said before, Judge Andrew Napolitano is the man who should be the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of these United States.


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