11 January, 2008

No-Neck asks: "have you gone over the edge?"


No, and it seems that because the clip used both of them in delivering the message about the Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act of 2007, that makes the message untrue, invalid and lacking substance- at least for you.

As for it being nothing to fear or even have concern with- pay close attention to the following:

1. Go to the SPLC and see how things that you hold honorable and true are designated. Now, you may say it is just the SPLC, and you are right, but then look at what the history of the SPLC and who it influences.

2. Before any such law was even passed and done at a STATE level, an eleven (11) year old boy was taken from his home just last week by a SWAT team ramming down their door and holding EVERYONE at gunpoint. Why you may ask, because he had been knocked down, had a bruise, and the parents did not let the paramedics, which they did not call, take the boy to the hospital. The Mother, when requesting to make a phone call was denied, and then her eighteen (18) year old daughter asked if that was not one of their rights, and then a member of the SWAT team responded: "That's only in the movies."

3. Do you have ANY memory at all? As the reason I ask is just EXACTLY whom did CLINTON blame immediately after OKC? You say you have forgotten? The answer is NRA, gun owners, and talk radio. What happens when that lying bastard's wife or even any of the Repuglicrats (and no- Ron Paul is a REPUBLICAN) sits in the Oval Office?

Just understand this- the bill DOES NOT specifically state or define what or whom an extremist/extremist belief system is and that makes it entirely up to the interpreter, interpretation and/or designation of the feral government.

One question I have to ask you- how are your times in the hundred-yard dash?


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