15 August, 2007

Thrity-six years ago today

I posted the following three years ago, and today it is even more relevant:
Nixon ended the Gold Standard, and today, I read this interesting piece of information.

More on FedLine Advantage can be found here.

By the by, both Nixon's act was a betrayal to his oath of office. The best example to prove this is that what took $100.00 dollars in 1971, now takes $468.40. You can find the proof here, which is the U.S. Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics tool called the Inflation Calculator. To put the above figures in context, in 1913 when the Federal Reserve Corporation was created, it took fifty-eight years for that figure of inflation to reach $100.00/$409.09. That same level of inflation (actually the figure was $411.36) was reached in 1999, only twenty-eight years later. To put succinctly, inflation is a hidden tax.

And, if the private corporation intentionally misnamed the Federal Reserve predicts that it's new web-based system is safe, just remember how "well" it does with the economy.
I also wish to point out that in 2004, it took $468.40, and today, it takes $514.32 for a decrease in the value of your "dollars" by $45.92. Now with the Chinese capable of so much because of their massive u.S. "debt" holdings, and the "Global Credit Crisis", your worth just seems so much better now, does it not?

This nation, by design since 1910, is being destroyed. I know I would like to see this course reversed and am working for the benefit of my children, and myself, to see this happen. You can too by making the choice for Ron Paul, who is not a savior, but a man wanting to see this nation proceed and succeed by what the Founding Fathers gave us and which is our birthright. If you wish to continue on the path of our destruction, which is painfully obvious, then the choice is yours.


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