05 April, 2007

Taking the Fifth

This just disgusts me:
What do Bill Clinton, Roger Ailes, Sean Hannity and Ruth Bader Ginsberg all have in common?

They're among a prestigious group of Beltway insiders who have signed a leather-bound, pocket-size U.S. Constitution that ABC Radio executive Chris Berry keeps in his breast pocket as he makes his way through official Washington circles.
However, this disgusts me the most:
Mr. Berry insists he's no star-struck autograph collector, but rather his career has allowed him access to hundreds of household names over the years. The Constitution, he says, "resonates with Washington power-brokers, all of whom gladly add their names to the pages of this document of freedom."
One must ask himself why it resonates with them, and I answer simply because the happily shit on it every day knowing they could not have written it themselves...


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