21 March, 2007

Dumb Assumption?

CSMK responded to it:
"Wrong. This was a grassroots move that was over before the NRA even knew it was happening. It points to the quickness of the Internet to spread news, good or bad. Zumbo's position was misinformed and stupid.

The only real difference between the so-called "assault rifle" and any other semi-auto rifle is merely cosmetic, not functional. Oh, and a REAL assault rifle is a select fire weapon capable of either single shot or burst mode operation.

That Zumbo didn't know many hunt with "assault rifles," but he, like you, let his elitist attitude get in the way of good sense. And Zumbo's treasured bolt action rifle with its scope is called a sniper's rifle by the idiots at Brady/Handgun Control. Maybe you elitist need to remember you need to stand with ALL gun owners, not just the ones who can afford to spend $1,000 or more for their chosen rifle."
CSMK was extremely polite, IMO, in responding to Ray Schoenke's, Special to The Times, entitled "Real hunters and shooters need to stand up to the NRA" in which he attacks the NRA for the Internet Forums and Blog responses to Jim Zumbo's career ending admittance of elitism regarding firearms (and freedom)- particularly those EBR's (much like Mr. Schoenke's apparent attitude).
"One of nation's most famous and respected hunting and outdoors journalists, Zumbo was professionally assassinated by NRA hysteria for simply uttering a single and — many hunters would say — reasonable point of view."
Most who read my postings regularly, by now know I find NO reasonableness in binding, limiting, and shackling of rights, especially those enumerated by the BOR's, however, for those that may be reading me for the first time must understand this, I brook no wordplay moral high ground stands like this elitist's mewling and outright lies. Schoenke's words are an attack on freedoms and is a effort to criminalize you and me, once again, for owning rifles that he finds (on the surface) offensive in appearance, demonstrated by the same column also being posted in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette. Many might be skeptical of my thoughts about Ray Schoenke, but let me point you to this fact, in 1996, Schoenke donated $1000.00 to the campaign of the disgraced Robert Torricelli who is also virulently anti-freedom.

Further, Jim Zumbo has publicly recanted his last blog comments:
"I was wrong when I recently suggested that wildlife agencies should ban semiautomatic firearms I erroneously called "assault rifles" for hunting. I insulted legions of my fellow gun owners in the process by calling them "terrorist rifles." I can never apologize enough for having worn blinders when I should have been wearing bifocals."
However, I will point out that Jim Zumbo was advised not to post that particular piece by Tommy Millner of Remington, and my I still hold my original opinion that Jim Zumbo is playing CYA.

Schoenke has attacked the NRA falsely, and does so with words I will wager were penned for him and this post is a reminder and a simple one. There are many men who own firearms to shoot, hunt, and for self-defense, but when ANY one of them states he believes in "reasonableness" regarding this freedom, do not trust him and do not call him friend as when it suits him, he will shoot you in the back.

Oh, and Schoenke, you gun grabbing son-of-a-bitch, when you want to take my arms, as has been said before to others, you come, do not be cowardly and send anyone else, as you may freely have them- one round at a time...


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