21 December, 2004

"My cunt is not represented here."

'Vagina Monologues' draws large crowds as well as protesters

Protesters of "Monologues" say the production did not accurately represent women's diversity
By Ayisha Yahya
News Editor

February 16, 2004

"They silently stood hand in hand with gray duct tape pasted across their lips and "Vagina Warriors" emblazoned on the back of their white shirts. The front of the shirts had different messages: "Warning: Hostile Vagina," "Not all vaginas are skinny, white + straight" and "My cunt is not represented here."

It has been awhile since I laughed this hard.

No-Neck sent in the link with the subject line:

"I am not making this one up"

The first thing that came to mind is:

MikeHunt! MikeHunt! Paging MikeHunt!!!


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